Endometrial Cancer Our Focus Endometrial cancer, the most common gynecologic cancer, is rising
in incidence and mortality. There is currently no standard or routine
screening test to detect endometrial cancer.
Our Goal To reduce deaths from endometrial cancer and other cancers
through earlier detection when there is the greatest chance for
a curative or remedial treatment.
Currently under development, PadKit is the first at-home
gynecologic cancer cell collection screening kit designed
to collect whole, intact endometrial cancer cells on a unique,
comfortable, Interlabial Collection Pad (ICP).
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Volunteers Needed! At Preprogen, we aim to empower women at risk for
endometrial cancer and other health issues. We are seeking
women ages 45-70+ of all ethnicities who have not had a
to partake in a quick and easy, compensated
study to evaluate our novel Interlabial Collection Pad.

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Cell Science
Preprogen’s novel cell science technology is a proven
pathology-based screening technology developed to
detect endometrial cancer cells and other abnormalities
early when treatment can be curative or remedied.
Pro Women.
Pro Health.
Preprogen aims to empower women and their
physicians through early, non-invasive detection of
women’s cancers and other women’s health issues.

About Us

Preprogen is a privately held, women’s health company with the first-and-only, non-invasive, at-home gynecologic cancer cell collection screening kit, PadKit. Preprogen aims to empower women at risk for endometrial cancer and other health issues and their physicians by giving them peace of mind knowing that Preprogen products provide a fast and non-invasive modern approach to cancer cell screening.

Cell Science Technology

Preprogen’s novel cell science technology is a proven pathology-based screening technology that allows thousands of cells that naturally shed from all surfaces within the female gynecologic tract to be collected intact on a unique, comfortable, Interlabial Collection Pad (ICP) designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body. The ICP in PadKit is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-invasive, and should be worn on non-menstrual days, over a 4-6-hour timeframe during the day or overnight.

Preprogen’s cell science technology is at the heart of PadKit, the first-and-only at-home gynecologic cancer cell collection screening kit that allows for the discreet collection of thousands of cells from the gynecologic tract. After the pad is worn, it is placed into a transportation tube that contains a novel transport solution and mailed back to Preprogen’s lab. At the lab, the transport solution that includes gynecologic cell pellets are screened and analyzed for abnormal cells, signs of infection, and a variety of additional assays including genomic testing. Read More »

Important Announcement: Job Offer Scam Alert

Over the past few days, we have been contacted by both victims and potential victims of a job offer scam that is falsely using our company name, Preprogen LLC. We want to make it crystal clear that we are not currently hiring any employees and that these job offers are fraudulent.

As victims of this scam ourselves, we are deeply concerned about the impact it has had on individuals seeking employment opportunities. We are actively working with the authorities to investigate this matter and bring the perpetrators to justice.

In the meantime, please be vigilant and aware of the following red flags that may indicate a job offer scam:

  • The job offer comes to you unsolicited, without any prior application or contact from Preprogen LLC.
  • The job offer requires you to pay a fee or purchase equipment before you can start working.
  • The job offer asks for sensitive personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account details.
  • The job offer seems too good to be true, promising unrealistic salaries or benefits without requiring any specific qualifications or experience.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from Preprogen LLC and offering you a job, please do not provide them with any personal information or money. We strongly advise you to report this scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at reportfraud.ftc.gov.

If you are unsure whether a job offer is legitimate, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through the contact form on this website. We are committed to assisting you in verifying the authenticity of any job offer you may receive.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to combat this scam and protect our company's reputation.


The Preprogen Team